Geographic Location

    Ipekyolu the largeut district in our province ,is located on 42 tegrees 40 minutes and 44 degrees  30 minutes east longitudes,and 37 degrees 43 minutes and 39 degrees 26 minutes North latitudes. Over the world.It is surrounded by Lake Van basin remaining Upper Murat-Van Region of Eastern Anatolia in Turkey.

    It is 94.615.50 hm.The whole of improved land is 4.769.00 hm.It is meters above sea level is about 1725. It is located on the shores of Lake Van,the largest lake in Turkey .It is bordered by Tuşba and Muradiye on the North,Lake Van and Tuşba on  the West ,Edremit and Gürpınar on the south,Özalp and Saray on the east.Erek mauntain is situated in the east of Ipekyolu. It can be soid that the significont historical and tourist areas within the borders of our district are Van Castle ,a part of Lake Van,upper and lower part of Anzaf Castle and a paty of Semiramis (Şamran )irrigation channels.