Introduction of İpekyolu

     The establishment good of our munucipality is to provide reliable (municipial)services at contemporary living standards to residents of Ipekyolu and have a city mission which cultural and natural wealths have been protected.

    Our municipality can open zaning and city planning ,urban infrastructure ,geographicad and urban information öystemü,environmental health,cleaning and solid waste ,poliçe officer offorestation ,parking and green zones ,culture and ark,tourism and advertisement,sports services,social sercives and assistance ,marriage procedures,vocational and technical travining courises, pre-school education institutions.It can supple all kinds of aquipments for these institutions It can open and operate facilities related to health.It can provide the protection of these places that hove  importonce in terms of cultural and natural properties,historic texture and urban history.It can also provide the protection of these places functions.For this purpase ,It can renew and repair these places. Without changing their authenticity ,it can reconstruct places which are impossible to proteck. If necessary , it supplies materials to the students and the clubs of amateur sports and them.In addition,it organizes all kinds of amatew sports competitions and it can reward athhlete performing a hingh success or taking a degree in national and foreign competitions with(municipial) council’s decision.

    The municipality also malces other local-joint duties and services which aren’t given to other public institutions and organixations by laws. All of the first when services are offered ,they are given the neareutncitizens by the mart suitable methods. The methods in accordance with disabled ones ,old ones ,low-income ones are applied when services are affered .The duty  ,responsibility and realm of authority of the municipalitiy are within the borders of the municipality.The annual population of (the year)2015is 285,272.Male population is 144,111.Female populationis 141,161.The annual population of(the year)2016is 291,112.Male population is 146,552.Female population is 144,560.The annual population growth rate is about 2 percent.