İpekyolu History

 History of İpekyolu


Van which is the capıtal city of Urartions is known Tuşba at that age.History of Van goes back to 7000 B.C. It is found cultural finds belonging to Chalcolitic ,Bronne and Iran age in Tilki hill which is 6 km South of Van castle and Ernis Cemetery which is in the North of Van take. The city was built firstly by qucen of Assyrian who is Semiramis. Hurians were settled in this sea firstly.Then Urartions,Meds,Persions,Macedonions,Alexander the Great,Parthions,Sausanis and Byzantions dominated.In 675 A.D the Muslims conquered this region and then then the region become cantry of Byzantions, then region of ilk hands Celahir oğullarıs, Karakoyunlus,Akkoyunlus and Safauds.                                                  

It is seen that Hurions dominated a region starting from Van take to place of where Yeşilırmak and Kızılırmak cost into the Block Sea since B.C 2000.In B.C XII centry the central authority of Hurri Mitani politiral entity weakened and divided to common places The Assyrion Kingdons tried to tale these small common places under their dominonce and in the meantime Finghts storled between Nair, Urartions and Assyrions continued into the midst of 19 century  The Assyrions domirated the region which had mountoinous and difficult terrain canditions.

                                                                      OTTOMAN PERIOD             

During Iroion Compaingn in 1534-1535 ,importort centers sunch a Baghdad,Tabriz and Van entered the Ottoman adminis tration.However,because of fighting of Ottoman State with the Hungorion King Ferdinond,the forces were  moued to Rumelia so some of the conquered places passed to Safauids again.

          On August 25,1548,Van Castle entered Ottomon domination. After theconquest of Van Castle government of region was head of prouincial tre asury of Anatolia,Meawhile,Vasten(Gevas),Erciş Adilcevaz and Ahlat entered Ottomon administration again.                                                                            

In Ottomon prouincial orgonization ,the prouinces were roming from the sonjaks ,sonjaks trom distriets,districts from towns and villages.In Ottomon adminisrtations .Van goined the status of “State “and it had 12 sonjaks which was known as “liva”in 1568-1574.These were Van,(Pasha Shrines),Adilcevan ,Bitlis,Muş Bangiri, Erciş,Kargar,Kesan,Ispayrıd,Ağakıs,Nısfı, Şırvi and Vadi-i Beni Katur.

The administrative structure of Van ,which is both on action point fort he army and on important center for being on the Ironion borger ,was aften changed due to wors and some of the conquered plaves had been included here.As  a matter of foet ,the number of sonjaks was increased from 12 to 27.

In the last century of world history the biggest event is World War I,so there are few example of city which ruined very much and there are few example of rommunity that suffered as much as Van community  so much so that ,the total population of Van center was around 70.000 betore Great War ,andı n the past-war  period ,April in 1919,the number dropped to 10,000-15,000The city was devastated totaly and this coused the settlement area to had beachanged.

The invasions of First World War ,and unjust practices in it and after it  had turred this region which was prasper,into a ruin.After the war ,Van showed some improvement slowly Van has 11 districts.These are Özalp,Muradiye,Saray,Erciş,Başkale,Bahçesaray,Çaldıran,Gevaş,Edremit,Gürpınar and Çatak.